Advanced Precision Wet Cleaning Systems

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Single Cleaning Systems

Double-Sided Simultaneous Combined Ultrasonic Scrub Cleaning photo

Combination of a special high-density brush of our design and an underwater scrub cleaning system prevents contamination and accumulation on the brush. This method is suitable for thin components.

Cup-Type Disk Brush Cleaning photo

Cleaning fluid is supplied to a rotating cup-type disk brush (made of nylon, sponge, etc.) to clean and expel contaminants from component surfaces.

Roll Brush Cleaning photo

Cleaning fluid is supplied to a rotating roll brush to remove contaminants from both component surfaces simultaneously.

Ultrasonic Cleaning photo

Horizontally moving components are ultrasonically cleaned in an overflow bath.

Dual-Stream Cleaning  

Components cleaned with a spray of mixed air and water.

Effective cleaning is achieved with a reduced amount of cleaning water.

Ultrasonic Shower Cleaning  

Components are cleaned with a shower of ultrasonically vibrated cleaning fluid.

High-Pressure Spray Cleaning  

Components are cleaned with a high pressure cleaning fluid spray.


Air Knife photo

Clean and dry air is blown onto the component surface through slits.


The component surface is heated with far-infrared ray to a temperature over 100 °C to remove the thin water film.