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Privacy Policy
  Privacy Policy
How the SpeedFam Clean System Co.,Ltd. Website handles Personal Information.

This is the Privacy Policy for the Personal Information which you have provided for us on the Web-site.

1. We shall use your Personal information only within the scope of the purpose which we indicated as following columns.

  • When we provide our reply to your inquiry.
  • When we send out our Catalog if so required.
  • When we forward detail our new products if so required(By postal/e-mail)
  • When we need to contact with you.
2.We shall not disclose your personal information to any other third parties, unless We obtain your prior agreement. However, if the content of your inquiry requires addition outside support we will use. The details you have provided.(In such a case, we will obtain your prior agreement without fail.)

3. When you necessary for us to disclose your personal information which we have obtained from you on the Website, we shall provide it for you at any time, only if it is identified by your own request.

When the information is disclosed and if you wish to correct, remove or otherwise deal with your Personal information, we shall correct, remove or other deal with it upon your requirement.

When it's necessary to correct, remove or otherwise deal with your personal information, please contact our Customer Service in writing, telephone or E-mail.

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