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Company Overview
Name: SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd.
Foundation Date: January 20, 1984
Capital: ¥88,000,000
Representative Director: Kunihiko Watanabe
Business Activities: Manufacturing and sales of precision cleaning systems for high-technology industry uses, and sales of related equipment and materials.

March 1982 Began to make and sell cleaning systems as a cleaning equipment department of SpeedFam Co., Ltd.
January 1984 SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd. Established as an independent company for making and selling cleaning systems.
December 1984 Began to make and sell cleaning systems with scrubbers for
magnetic disks.
Began to export products to the USA, and countries in Europe and Asia.
August 1985 Integrated the cleaning equipment department of SpeedFam Co., Ltd. with SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd.
Established the first cleaning laboratory in the industry with clean rooms and ultrapure DI water equipment in the processing experiment room of SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd.
and started cleaning process development and cleaning quality evaluation.
March 1986 Began to make and sell optical disk cleaning systems.
December 1986 Began to make and sell single horizontal LCD glass cleaning systems.
August 1987 Succeeded in developing hot water drying systems for drying with alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons and started application experiments.
September 1988 Started mass production of cleaning systems with built-in hot DI water drying systems.
January 1991 Moved the Yamagata Plant from Tendo to Sagae City, Yamagata and established new factories.
March 1997 Established an R&D Center for developing cleaning processes onsite at the Yamagata Plant.
October 1999 Started mass production of modular type stream cleaning systems.
January 2002 Developed horizontal cleaning systems for PDP and TFT substrates and large-size components.
January 2003 Developed a combined double-sided simultaneous scrub and ultrasonic cleaning system (DSS-320).
November 2003 Integrated NEO drying.
February 2004 Developed coating system for large-size masks.
May 2004 Developed scrub cleaning systems for small-diameter (0.85") disks.
February 2006 Building more Yamagata Factory
February 2017 Removed to the new building in Ogami Ayase Kanagawa
(Head Office)

Head Office 4-2-37 Ogami Ayase Kanagawa 252-1104 Japan
Phone : +81-467-76-2721 Fax : +81-467-77-2020

Yamagata Factory 160-7, Chuo-kogyodanchi, Sagae-city, Yamagata-Pref., Japan 991-0061
Phone : +81-237-86-1500 Fax : +81-237-86-1511