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About Us
Cleaning systems, consumables and auxiliary material selection points
SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd. has special process laboratories with Class 10, Class 100 and Class 1000 cleaning environments.
We conduct repeated cleaning tests and demonstrations in order to simulate customer manufacturing conditions where new cleaning systems are to be employed.
Therefore, trouble-free high-quality cleaning processes are available for customer processing, treatment and production functions immediately after system installation.
SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd. makes every effort to provide not only post-installation follow-up but also thorough before and after service.

The flow to Cleaning process realization
Information We precisely evaluate customer needs to identify the most suitable cleaning systems for them.

Inspection We test customer components in our special laboratory and identify the required cleaning systems.

Demonstration We propose the best cleaning processes and make the cleaning system that completely matches customer requirements.

Proposal We propose system specifications based on the cleaning processes developed.
We can also provide cleaning environment proposals.

Design We design the equipment based on the specifications and assemble it precisely.

Check and Shipment We conduct inspections in the presence of customer staff. Then, we make final adjustments and ship the system.

Installation Our technicians install the system quickly and precisely, and start operation.

Follow Up We support customers by providing equipment, consumables and auxiliary materials on a regular basis. We also provide prompt cleaning process reforms and improvements.